Schedule of Works Generator

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πŸ‘‰ STOP running property refurb projects on hope and chance!

Instead: 'Set up your build projects for success from Day 1'...

  • do you need an easy way to record the tasks you need your builder to complete?
  • are you worried about a build project getting out of control, costing you time and money?
  • have you been stung by builders before and don't want to make the same mistake again?

I totally understand where you're coming from... working with builders and other contractors can be stressful and difficult.

As a real estate investor for the past 8 years I've dealt with my fair share of builder challenges!

I've found that key to reducing stress with builders is producing and agreeing on a clear, easy to understand Schedule of Works, so EVERYONE know who's doing and organising what on the project.

And that's why I created the 'Schedule of Works Generator'

πŸ‘‰ What is 'Schedule of Works Generator'?

This Notion template makes the whole process of create an SoW easy

It leads you through an easy process to create your list of tasks, assign them to the right person, get clear about who's buying what and lastly follow up on queries related to tasks.

Everything is stored and tracked in one place so you can focus on other parts of your refurb project.

πŸ‘‰ Are you ready to become a Refurb Master? Follow the SoW Creation Plan:

  1. Download and duplicate the SoW Generator
  2. Add everything you want done as part of your project
  3. Discuss your list with a couple of builders to get their input
  4. Finalise your Schedule of Works based on their feedback
  5. Instruct a builder

πŸ‘‰ What if you don't think this is for you? You'll:

  • waste time pulling together information for your builder
  • struggle to keep track of who's doing what
  • miss things off or forget things on your to do list
  • drown in disorder
  • increase stress through lack of clarity
  • find it difficult to hold your builder to account since details weren't agreed up front

Whereas take action today to:

  • quickly build a Schedule of Works
  • make decisions about what items to include and what needs to be dropped
  • store all you key information in one place
  • integrate with other parts of your Notion system
STOP tolerating chaos and start taking control!

Here's what's inside:

Streamlined Dashboard

A place for you to quickly add new tasks, review any tasks that have a query attached to them and review tasks in your backlog that haven't been confirmed yet.

Confirmed Tasks

Check out all the pieces of work you've decided on, broken down by contractor, room or all contractors, so you can easily share it with your builder for requesting a quote, snagging or just status updates.

Task Maintenance

There are always tasks that get added in a rush and you don't want to lose them. So the Task Maintenance section makes it easy to track down those incomplete items.

To Do

Although most tasks may be for your contractor team, some may still land on your plate! But that's no problem. The To Do page list queries you need to follow on, tasks that you need to complete and materials you need to source.

Tutorial Video

For more information about how to use this template, check out the Youtube instruction video here:


> > What is Notion?

Notion is a productivity tool where you can write, plan and share in one connected workspace

> >What happens after purchase?

After purchasing you'll be directed to a webpage (and receive an email) where you can access a link to the product

>> Who can benefit?

Any property owner who wants to reduce stress when using a builder.

>> Do you offer refunds?

I want you to get the most out of this product. If you're unhappy I ask two things:

  1. Share your concerns / challenges via email so I can help
  2. If there are still challenges jump on a 15min call so I can understand your specific situation. This helps you to explain and me to make the product better.

If you'd still like a refund then of course, I'll refund you.

>> Can I share this template?

No. These templates take a lot of time to create, build and support so instead, please direct them to this link ->

>> Do I need to pay for Notion to use this template?

For individual use, no.

To use it with your team I recommend paying for the team plan where you can add members rather than adding colleagues as guests.

See here for more info

>> Still have questions?

No problem - message me on social media. Just search for AndyGaught

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Your Easy to Use Schedule of Works Generator

Streamlined Dashboard
Quickly add new tasks, review queries and get tasks done
Confirmed Tasks
Easily access agreed tasks per contractor and per room
Task Maintenance
Track down tasks that need tidying up
To Do
Make sure tasks assigned to you get done
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Schedule of Works Generator

3 ratings
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